Word Counter

Wordcounter is a free online tool which is used for word, character and paragraph counting. Simply type in or past your text and counter will count instead of you.


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What is it used for?

If you are doing translations or making money writing texts, counter will be of great help to you. Using this tool can easily help you set limits for the number of words or characters in your text, and at the same time you can set a price for your services.

How does it work?

You can insert text by typing it in or simply by copying and pasting the text into the textbox. For the first method the tool will automatically perform the calculations, while for the second method it is necessary to press the ‘submit’ button. If you should need any assistance, you can go to the HELP section, where you have graphic illustration of how the tool works.

Caution: we made an effort to make this tool count the number of words, characters and paragraphs as precisely as possible, however we cannot guarantee for its accuracy.